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    Good morning, I am doing some tests related to thermal analysis of sections, both in steel (following your tutorial on youtube) and trying to make a new brick material. I wanted to ask you in what units the thermal conductivity should be expressed. Among the materials in the database I see for example for steel a value of 0.055 when for steel the conductivity is worth about 55 W/mK. Is this difference perhaps to be attributed to kN and kg in the definition of Watt ? Pot can you also tell me the unit of measurement for specific heat ? Thank you very much

    NextFEM Admin

    if not specified in the window, units of material properties are consistent with the model. For instance, check the material library in NextFEM installation folder C:\Program Files\NextFEM\NextFEM Designer 64bit\data\Steel-MC EN.nfm (open as plain text). You’ll find:
    K [N/s/°C] – conductivity
    Cp [N*m/(kg*°C)] – Specific heat
    a_T [1/°C] – thermal distorsion linear coeff.
    Conductivity for steel is assumed as 54 W/mK (1W=1Nm/s, hence 1N/(s*°C) = 1 W/mK), then this value is converted into model units.

    Hope this helps, regards

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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