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NextFEM Designer is a finite element software for structural analysis. Thanks to its simple and intuitive interface, you can start to use it in just a few minutes!

The program is free in the basic version, with no limits on nodes or elements, even for professional use!

The input of model is articulated in a few essential steps, as well as the management of analyzes.

The results of calculations are immediately organized in views organized by homogeneous outputs.

The user has a complete set of structural verifications available, suitable for all materials used and customizable at any time.

Advanced pre- and post-processing capabilities with gradient views, beam and rod diagrams, tabular output of all results

Static, modal, stability, dynamic, thermal, linear and non-static analyzes, suitable for any need. Support for beam, shell and solid elements. Advanced visualization and BIM interoperability

Import of the model from DXF drawing files, OpenSees scripts and many other formats

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Windows Desktop 64 bit

We’re also on Windows Store!

Get the NextFEM Designer Lite app from the Windows Store now

NextFEM is proud to present NextFEM Struct, an innovative solution for the calculation and verification of scaffolding and stages

The Cloud Computing service is now available!

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We are glad to help and give you tips about the usage of the program

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