The brand-new plugin NextFEM TT Foundations allows to automatically get a model of concrete foundations and their checking of structures modelled with the software TimberTech Buildings.



Importing the output in CSV format from TimberTech Buildings allows the creation of the calculation model for foundations, both for inverted-T beams and slabs, including the following data:

  • automatic reading of nodes and loads associated with them;
  • creation of the same loadcases and combinations used in Buildings, including the self-weight of the foundation;
  • creation of the constraints and automatic modeling of the Winkler elastic soil;
  • fully automatic mesh writing for both beams and slabs.

The user has then a complete calculation model ready for the analysis and verification. Verification is done within the TT Foundations plugin, allowing for verification of foundations in bending and shear, as well as calculation of maximum soil pressures.

The program allows editing of foundation structures and model modification at any time, using automatic meshing algorithms for intersections and mesh congruence.
For beams, it is possible to modify the dimensions and the reinforcement initially proposed, which is automatically propagated to the whole model. Modifications to individual elements are also allowed.

Multi-level foundations are also managed, even in the case of slabs. The surface slab foundations are verified by calculating the Wood-Armer moments for the control of the lower and upper reinforcements of the slab, in the two directions of its plane.


The program provides as output:

  • a report on the foundations, in which all the fundamental steps of the calculation and the results of the verifications carried out are listed;

  • a report of the model with all the information about the performed modeling;
  • the drawing in DXF format of the concrete section, reinforced with design bars and stirrups;
  • the detailing drawing of a typical element in DXF format of the concrete section, with longitudinal scheme of reinforcements.

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