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    Hello Adiministrator,
    (1) When I use the DynWrapper procedure module in procedure008.tcl to conduct response analysis of a bridge model in OpenSees after the eigen analysis by using the Modal module in the same .tcl file, and the settings of the arguments are almost similar with the example in the module are as following whhere the RS.txt is the acceleration response spectrum file,
    set iDirections { {X Y} {Z} } (or set iDirections { {0 1} {0} })
    set iSpectra { “RS.txt” “RS.txt” } (or set iSpectra { {“RS.txt”} {“RS.txt”} })
    set modes 50
    set patternStart 1
    set comb 2
    set csi 0.05
    set directions $iDirections
    set spectra $iSpectra
    DynWrapper #modes #patternStart #comb #csi #directions #spectra #modelName
    the OpenSees gives the error “Invalid spectra and/or directions lists”. I am sure that I source the procedure008.tcl and the model of the bridge is correct because the eigen analysis is successful. And the rSpectrum.dll is included in the same file folder which is automaticlly loaded in the procedure008.tcl. It is obvious that the depth of $directions and depth of $spectra are both equal to 2 according to the settings. So I do not know what is the reason of the error. I have to ask for your help and wait for your suggestion. Another question is about the input acceleration response spectrum file. Should this input .txt file be formed in two columns, one for period, the other for acceleration?
    (2) When I use the NextFEM Designer V1.09 to import the .tcl file of the model of the bridge to conduct the response spectrum analysis, the analysis is terminated with errors. But it does not give any instructions about the errors. I would like to know whether NextFEM Designer can not deal with the freedom coupling problems now, because the freedom coupling of the bridge can not be viewed in the software.
    (3) Finally, could you mind sharing and sending me a simple and detailed structure model in .tcl format about the response spectrum analysis to my email? Then I could correct the potentional problems of my model thoroughly.

    Thank you very much.


    Sorry there is an obvious error in the last code line. I corrected it.
    DynWrapper $modes $patternStart $comb $csi $directions $spectra $modelName
    But another error occurs as the attached picture showing that OpenSees.exe stopped working.

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    NextFEM Admin

    We are about to re-publish a corrected version of the DLL.


    Thank you very much. I am waiting for your great work.

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