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    Sepide Arian

    Hello, I am a new user of your software. I found in youtube your product is able to do thermal analysis.
    I feel it would be worthwhile to show your users how they can model a frame and evaluate the thermal performance of a structure and monitor the progressive collapse? Is it possible to make a video in this regard?
    It seems this paper is suitable for providing such example:

    This will draw many users attention in a short time to your software, undoubtedly.
    Thanks a lot.


    Admin NextFEM

    Dear Sepide,
    thanks for your interest in NextFEM Designer.
    Progressive collapse is generally conducted using explicit non-linear analyses, and even if they are supported by our solver, they’re not exposed, due to the lack of interest on this analysis by designers.
    Hope this helps in understading the progressive collapse technique.


    Sepide Arian

    I appreciate you for the comments.
    Well, how can we do a thermal analysis for a structure using your product? For example, I am going to evaluate the thermal performance of a 3d structure by modeling the slab (floor) under the standard fire. Is there any tutorial in this area?
    I just found a video for heat transfer of an I-shaped section.



    Admin NextFEM

    Fire analysis for sections is performed in a separate file and it’s finalized to strenght verification of that simple section. In a near future we’ll implement the analysis conducted automatically on a structural member.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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