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    Francesco Schiava

    Hi, I just started a few ago using your software (really appreciate your licence policy: no other comparable sotware allow educational use as easy as you do).
    I came across this issue in the version 1.8:
    I cannot reopen models previously saved as .nxf. I mean the model seems to bee still there in the computer, as a file with his proper size. The software though seems unable to recognize it: when I try to open it, it stands out as a completly empty model.
    I went across a similar issue in the previous version (1.7): when I tried to reopen a model.nxf I was sent error message “format uncorrect”.
    I must specify that I cleared up the old version before installing the latest, and tried saving and reopening models originally created in both versions.
    I also specify I’m running windows7 as o.s.
    Finally I point out I’ve likely found a workaround by saving the model as .xml. In this case the software 1.8 is able to reopen the model correctly.

    I’m sorry for not trying to figure out some more on my own before writing, but actually I’m not all that experienced in informatics.
    So I was wondering if I’ve missed something about the installation or license, or if there’s a bug maybe related to my operative system.
    Also I ask if the workaround of saving models as .xml will be ok or if I’ll come across some limitations of functionality or future issues doing so.

    Thank you so much for support,


    NextFEM Admin

    Dear Francesco,
    thanks for your appreciation.
    Regarding your issue, we know there are some opening issue for users running Windows 7, mainly related to memory usage. To solve this, activate the option “Safe mode for opening” in Tools/Options/Solver tab.
    Hope this helps,

    Francesco Schiava

    thank you very much for quick support! just tried if you suggested and it works perfectly now. No way I could have worked this out on my own, thank you again, really eficient support

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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