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    I’m new to nextfem and would like to import a model from sap2000.

    The geometries look fine. But when I click Edit->check elements properties, it pops out saying some of the members don’t have a valid section assignment.

    I click Edit->Section and find the section properties are indeed empty: none of them get imported from sap2000 correctly.

    In sap2000, it says the sections are imported from AISC13M.pro . Considering it’s the standard steel section library, I assume it is supported.

    So is there anyway I can import the model with ASIC sections from sap2000? Or how can I import to nextFEM separately?

    Thank you!


    Dear frqc,
    NextFEM designer gives basic support for importing Sap2000 models, e.g. basic section shapes but not file imported ones.
    To fix this, you can go to Edit/Sections and, for each not imported properly section, do the following:
    1. click the section you need to edit
    2. click the button “Edit properties”
    3. click the button “Clear all”
    4. In the tab “Basic Properties” click “Box” and set the correct dimensions in the region highlighted in red in the attached picture
    5. click OK and you’re done

    Hope this helps

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    Hi, thank you for your response.

    Yeah I saw that menu before. But is it possible to import multiple sections in once with a csv file or excel sheet as input?

    I’m doing structure optimization and the program could select any section from the standard steel library. It’s almost impossible for me to type their properties manually.

    Thanks again!

    NextFEM Admin

    Dear user,
    sections from libraries cannot be imported from a text or CSV file – however, we would improve the import procedure from SAP2000. Please provide an excerpt or the whole .s2k file to us at info@nextfem.it, to check if the new code suits your case.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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