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    Hyoungsuk Choi

    Hello, I just download rSpectrum.dll which is response spectrum analysis tool in your website. But I can’t call the rSpectrum.dll in Opensees. As you instructed in manual, I put the a line, ‘loadPackage rSpectrum’, however opensees says ‘Invalid command name’. So, could you help me?

    Hyoungsuk Choi

    rSpectrum was loaded but pFactor does not work properly now…
    Memory problem is occuring in Opensees. Please, help me.

    NextFEM Admin

    We are encoutenring an issue with OpenSees 2.5.0 when the rSpectrum library is used. Please hold on, I’ll write to you when it will be fixed, hope soon.

    NextFEM Support Team

    NextFEM Admin

    We’ve corrected the routines, please check it out the OpenSees Tools page on this site.

    Hyoungsuk Choi

    rSpectrum is working good! It’s awesome.
    Thank you for the quick support!


    Hi Hyoungsuk Choi,
    In my response spectral analysis of a bridge, the rSpectrum.dll is included in the same file folder which is automaticlly loaded in the procedure008.tcl. And the settings of the response spectral analysis is as following,
    source procedure008.tcl
    set iDirections { {X Y} {Z} } (or set iDirections { {0 1} {0} })
    set iSpectra { “RS.txt” “RS.txt” } (or set iSpectra { {“RS.txt”} {“RS.txt”} })
    set modes 50
    set patternStart 1
    set comb 2
    set csi 0.05
    set directions $iDirections
    set spectra $iSpectra
    DynWrapper #modes #patternStart #comb #csi #directions #spectra #modelName
    But the OpenSees gives the error “Invalid spectra and/or directions lists”. DO you think there is anything wrong in the settings? Could you minding give me some instructions to correct the settings?
    Thank you very much!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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