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    Marcello Corsi

    I’ve installed version (64 bits).
    It seems to me that in the “Model data” table there is a BUG when I try to display NODES and ELEMENTS by pressing the correspondent upper tabs.
    In case of the Nodes TAB, nothing is displayed, while ELEMENT tab displays only few columns, with the lack of uppermost rows.
    I think these two tabs are VERY important and necessary to modify NODE COORDINATES or some ELEMENTS PROPERTIES: I’m I right on this point?

    Other TABS (Loads, BCs, Masses) correctly display data.
    I’m a new user and anyway appreciate a lot the simple and effective workflow of NextFEM.
    Using other simpe FEM pre-post and solvers I’ve a little experience on that, but the learning curve for this software is surprisingly quick!
    Best Regards

    Marcello C.
    – Italy-

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    Marcello Corsi


    Sorry but while reading another answer to an user with installation problems I’ve found the trick: running Windows 10 you must go in the “screen setttings” and adopt a 100% value for Screen Redim/Layout option (originally was set to 125%).

    Best regards!

    NextFEM Admin

    Hi Marcello,
    thanks for reporting this. We’re constantly improving GUI settings also for font magnification over 100%. Initially, 100% would be required for installer, then it has been corrected and now it’s fully compatible.
    In Designer, we’ll introduce the compatibility also for Model Data window in the next patch.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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