NextFEM Python Console

NextFEM APIs can be used with Python as well. This plugin helps developers in finding and testing every API instruction, directly in Designer and with immediate effect in the model.


This plugin works only with 64bit version of NextFEM Designer and needs Python 3.8 64bit installed in system. Users must have Python 3.8 available in the PATH environment variable.

Direct link for downloading Python 3.8 64bit

This plugin is formed by two boards:

  1. a Linked board in which every API method affects the model and the viewport. This has Python syntax and some basic functions, but it’s not a complete Python console. In the lower textbox, start typing “” and the available commands will be suggested, as well as their arguments. Arguments between “<” and “>” are optional. API reference can be recalled by pressing Open API reference.
  2. An External board, which is a complete Python terminal. The instance of API (always called nf) is not linked to the model here. You can export the model from linked to external board by the button Export model.

The other controls in this form are associated to the ViewState and undoOps enumerator and with the resize boolean variable as explained above.