NextFEM Designer is a user friendly Finite Element Analysis program, which can be used alone or to be a pre- or post- processor for several widely used FEM programs (i.e. OOFEM, SAP2000, Midas GEN, OpenSees, ABAQUS/CalculiX, Zeus-NL, and others).

NextFEM Designer represents the future for FEA pre- and post-processing.
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List of features:

  • general pre-processor capabilities: 3D and 2D views, customizable colours, accelerated rendering with DirectX technology;
  • modelling with the most common structural elements, such as beams, shells and solid elements;
  • importing input files from DXF drawings, OpenSees scripts, Midas GEN, SAP2000, ABAQUS, OOFEM, Zeus-NL;
  • importing results from SAP2000, OOFEM and OpenSees;
  • exporting models to SAP2000, ABAQUS, Midas GEN, OpenSees, OOFEM;
  • post-processing capabilities with deformed shapes with contour display, beam diagrams, stress and strain contour.

Documentation and help

Along with NextFEM Designer is provided an user manual which describes the main controls and procedures to get started with the program. Alongside with the manual, online support is available. It is possible to ask questions or give suggestions in the dedicated part of the NextFEM forum (

NextFEM user interface

Display window looks like the figure below. It is possible to show the model (extruded or not), number of nodes or element, loads applied and general axis. On the bottom left corner number of nodes and elements of the model are shown.


Main interface

sectionsTransversal section manager

Beam diagrams

Displacement contour